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Puddleduck Nursery is a family business that was set up in 2000.

Originally started in a local hall, the nursery grew to the extent that a new building was required which could meet the needs of both our staff and our clients.

Therefore it was moved to Howbery Park in 2005, where we found a site that offered everything we could ask for in terms of facilities and a stunning environment, which has allowed the nursery to go from strength to strength.


Our Aims and Objectives

We pride ourselves on providing an extremely high level of service, whilst still ensuring that our rates are competitive. As well as this, we strive to be as flexible as possible regarding the care that we offer so that we can cater for the needs of every child that we care for.

Puddleduck Nursery welcomes all children irrespective of language, culture, family background, religion, ethnicity, ability or gender and all are given the opportunity to have fun and enjoy a wide range of activities to promote their learning and development.

We ensure that every child that wishes to is included in all activities and also make sure that they learn how important it is to value diversity and understand that everyone has a positive contribution to make to society.

We focus on every child’s individual learning, development and care needs by constantly monitoring and observing all activities and play situations that arise during the time that they spend with us at Puddleduck Nursery. This therefore allows us to be alert and assist as is appropriate.

So as to promote positive images within the nursery, children will be in an environment where there are a variety of resources showing people of various cultures, religions and ethnicity taking part in everyday role and activities. Children are also able to experience a wide range of celebrations from different parts of the world and different cultures.

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01491 839815
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Lambourn House, Howbery Park, Benson Lane, Crowmarsh Gifford, Oxfordshire, OX10 8BA
General Information: enquiries@puddleducknursery.com


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